About Us

Dedicated to leading technology and digital marketing ecommerce expertise in Saudi Arabia, Ebhar offers unparalleled ecommerce services to corporations and businesses of all sizes throughout the country. We offer the expertise to help you build business, promote your products and services, and increase name recognition and users throughout the country.

Saudi Arabia is currently the world’s largest user of YouTube, is home to more than 6.2 million home internet connections and has more mobile phones than people. Recognizing the growth of digital services and innovation throughout Saudi Arabia, Ebhar works with clients across diverse industries interested in harnessing the power of ecommerce initiatives and strategies for their businesses. We help companies take advantage of mobile outreach platforms, social networking, marketing and public relations, and unique branding options to bolster business, sales and success.

Ebhar is a new entity within Saudi Intelligent Solutions, a well established company with clients that include Riyad Bank, Bank Albilad, STC and Ericsson. Ebhar was formed in order to focus specifically on our Digital Marketing Solutions and is managed by a dedicated team complete with a number of high profile digital marketing consultants.