Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

The difference between an engaged customer and a neutral one is the difference between a successful business and a flailing one, the difference between free advertising and having to pay for every positive mention of your company. With that in mind, Ebhar has created extensive customer engagement strategies and services to help bolster your brand and business.

Trying to find out what your customers and others in Saudi Arabia are saying about your business?

Ebhar can help you track—and respond to—both praise and complaints through our customer and engagement internet monitoring programs.


Likewise, we can help you create more engaged, happy customers who are willing to advertise for you through commenting, sharing, and spreading the word about your business.

Ebhar also offers exclusive loyalty programs that are designed to enhance customer engagement, by offering rewards to customers who promote your products and services, write reviews, or make regular purchases.

Since a whopping 92% of consumers trust the recommendations of their friends, according to Nielsen, it only makes sense to take advantage of this simple, yet, powerful outreach opportunity. Ebhar was one of the first organizations to offer extensive loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia, helping our clients increase their number of returning customers.

In addition, we can also drive customer engagement through targeted group promotions that are designed to build a volume of new customers as well as word-of-mouth advertising.

Engaged customers are the best kind of customers to have, so let Ebhar help you attract more of these ideal clients to your business.

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