Products and Services

Products and Services

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience, including long-term relationships with customers. It is based on a strong commitment, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is our core service at Ebhar, click above to explore the various areas of digital marketing we cover

Web Design & Development

At Ebhar, we don’t just offer solutions for our client’s digital marketing needs, we can also help design and maintain your website. A good marketing campaign is dependent on the quality of the business being advertised, a reality we are all too familiar with here at Ebhar.

Creative Design Services

As part of our web design and development services, we help clients with the creative side of things. We will guide you as you try to figure out the ideal logo that matches your brand, as well as any other graphics, animation, and multimedia needs you might have.

Public Speakers

Another efficient way to build your brand is by taking on speaking engagements. By talking at conferences, business seminars and so on, potential customers get to find out more about your products and services which can easily lead to visits to your site.

Online Brand Monitoring

Well, with our online brand monitoring, our consultants will constantly monitor the web for unflattering reviews and other forms of negative publicity and respond appropriately.

Call Centre and Social Media Services

Due to the vast increase of incoming customer enquiries from Social Media websites Ebhar now offers an all in one solution that combines inbound and outbound call, live chat and social media management.

Mobile Application Development

It’s no secret, mobile apps can be a very effective way to market products and services offered on your blog. Of course, programming knowledge is needed to create a top-of-the-line app that will lead to conversions, so it’s probably best to let Ebhar’s expert app designers handle all the hard work.

Web Hosting

In addition to our web design and development solutions, we also provide web-hosting services for our clients. That way the content of your site will be safe on a secure server managed by us, and you will also get free email accounts.

Writing Services

At Ebhar, we understand how important having professionally written content is for any web business. Poorly written content makes your site come off as amateurish, while professional written text instantly builds trust with clients.

Offline Advertising

While online advertising is a crucial aspect of any successful marketing campaign, offline advertising can be just as effective.