Rich Media

Rich Media

YouTube creates new global stars, new business, and new interest in products and people every single day. It is now the third most popular website in the world, and Saudi Arabia is the world’s YouTube largest user. In addition, Saudis also hold four of the top 10 positions for video views on Video is here to stay in Saudi Arabia.

Simply put, rich engaging media, such as videos, ads and podcasts, is where it’s all at. Ebhar can help your business get famous faster through a variety of effective and eye-catching rich media options that will tell the world more about your company, your services and your solutions.


We can create the following rich engaging media options for your business:

Must-watch videos that highlight the best of your business and your people on YouTube Animated advertising that attracts a crowd and a lot of attention Promotional videos that help deliver your message while going viral Podcasts, or audio recordings that are available for download on your website or iTunes, whether the topic is educational and entertaining And much more

Ebhar can help you create dynamic and effective videos, ads and podcasts, whether you are providing new information or promoting a new product. All of these rich engaging media options are great for building brand loyalty and giving customers a better understanding of your business.

Contact us today to learn more about rich engaging media solutions and opportunities for your business.

Online Video Marketing

Sites like YouTube have become just as popular as many of the social media sites out there. YouTube in particular has already propelled a number of individuals and businesses to success, and that trend is expected to continue for some time.

Mobile Video Marketing

While many online video viewers use traditional systems like personal computers and laptops, many people prefer to use mobile devices like cell phones and tablets.

Interactive Content

Besides keeping your customers engaged with video and other dynamic forms of content, our professional consultants at Ebhar will also use interactive content to advertise your products.